Annie Leibovitz once said that The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much. I agree, I am really passionate about photography, I love everything about it. The process of taking a picture is a chance to be creative in another way then writing and so is work of editing the same picture. Eventhough I picked up photography quite late in my life I have always wanted to learn the art of taking great pictures, especially portraits. In 2014 I started a project to document tattoos among Yakuza members in Yokohama, Japan. This is when I really started to experiment in my photography and after that project I wanted to continue to develop my photography. In the future I hope that I can continue to bring in photography in my academic work. One thing that I understand is that the process of learning never ends, it is an ongoing process. There are a lot of great photographers in the world, some of my inspiration comes from photographers such as Martha Cooper and Boogie. The thing that I enjoy the most is taking portraits, but I also shoot pictures of nature, religious attributes and street photography. All images © 2006-2016 Andreas Johansson